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News from Australia

Australian rooftop solar installs are UP 43% in 2017

Why this matters: Australia leads the Western world in green initiatives. Whether it's water conservation or clean energy, Australia invests in sustainability because its citizens want affordable, sustainable energy solutions. Their "early adopter" status teaches the rest of us how to solve problems faster and cheaper than if we could without their insights.

South Australia to get $1bn solar farm and world's biggest battery

Why this matters: As commercial industries and utilities begin to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy, the overall cost of solar hardware will go down. This will encourage widespread use, which will in turn create greater competition among solar installers to get their prices down, too.

News from North America

Utilities are bullish on solar, down on coal despite Clean Power Plan rollback

Why this matters: If utilities are using solar, the rhetoric from the anti-climate government will die down. Note: The results are based on an online survey of more than 600 electric utility employees in the U.S. and Canada, conducted by Utility Dive in January 2017. Just over half of the respondents work at an investor-owned utility, 32 percent work at a municipal or public utility and 14 percent work at an electric cooperative.

California is shattering solar records. This bill could take renewable energy to the next level.

Why this matters: With the costs of solar continuing to fall, and wind still one of the cheapest sources of new electricity around, California should have no problem hitting its 50 percent clean energy target by 2030. A lesson for the rest of the US in what can be achieved if goals are set and worked toward.