Bling Your Roof!

A professionally installed array will add money to your wallet and value to your home and won’t look like a landing pad for aliens.

Whether you’re a Bungalow, Mid-Century Modern, Spanish Rancher or Cape Cod: generate your own energy, reduce your CO2e and look fabulous doing it.

Your attractive array will be stacked and racked sentinels soaking up the sun.

A figurative “powerhouse” circuit of panels, safety equipment, optimizers, inverters, conduit and wires. Sometimes batteries are included, but more on that later.

Locate Them Properly

Most rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations are on a south or southwest side of a roof. The same location will apply to you, unless shade or obstructions interfere with soaking up direct sunlight.

One size doesn’t fit all. Limits are the surface area size of your roof; chimneys; vents; local building requirements, etc. Installations are custom and site-specific projects.

Your PV vendor and designer will pull it all together in an electricity-productive, yet discreet-as-possible outdoor package that will perform year round.

Your Solar Designer Makes A Plan

You are probably familiar with your main electric service panel and read-out meter on your home.

The entire purpose of PV is to feed your home and reduce or eliminate electricity need from the grid.

The system designer will draw a schematic, a system “blueprint”, showing how the array is connected together as well as how the other equipment completes the system.

However, check with your solar vendor, he/she will have construction and local ordinance requirements to meet.

Each string forms a grid pattern arranged around your existing chimney, roof and vents.

Your array is anchored with a sturdy bracket system to your roof trusses regardless of shingle type and slope (the plywood underlayment alone isn’t strong enough).

The panels and equipment will be secure and stable from wind gusts. Air circulation is important around the panels as they get hot from invisibly generating power from the sun.

Install Them To Last

Solar performance problems occur because of poor or sloppy system installation.

PV systems are designed for decades. Use Solar Advisor to connect with a professional that sells quality PV products. California utility rebates are available only to those with a 10-year manufacturer system warranty.

Batteries Can Be Included

Ideally, your system provides 24×7 day-and-night power. Storage batteries attached to your system recharge during the day to provide “solar power in the dark”.

Can I replace my roof with only solar panels?

Expect the hybridizing of traditional roof installation and PV technology. Solar shingles are an emerging trend. Colored glass, recessed panels and “in roof” solutions are available in some markets. New homes benefit the most from these new products as they can be integrated into planning and construction.

At Solar Advisor, we have a traditional installation of solar panels, with conduit and equipment accessible for troubleshooting or repairs (electronics can fail).

Follow the Rules

These plans should be industry compliant and approved by your local building authorities.

This project, like many home improvement projects, may require permits, fees and official approval. Keep those records on file.

Be A Considerate Neighbor

Consider the impact of solar panels on your roof and how they may affect the people and structures around your home.

Solar panels are shiny, visible and conspicuous; a courtesy call from you before installation is neighborly and may reveal considerations about sight lines and glare even your solar designer and installer had not considered.

Solar Friendly California

California has been solar friendly for thirty years: The Solar Shade Act of 1978 (AB 2321) provides limited protection from shading caused by trees and shrubs from neighboring properties.

The law seeks to prevent your neighbor from planting trees or shrubs that may shade your PV system. This only applies to shading trees or shrubs planted after your solar array was installed.


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